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Panoramic Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna, also known as a dry sauna, warms the room above 80 °C in order to cause intense sweating. These types of saunas are most often made of aromatic wood and, combined with alternation with cold water and fresh air, are very beneficial for improving tone, blood circulation and strengthening the immune system. This leads to effective detoxification and elimination of dead skin cells. The room and the seats are made of wood, which gives a soft, instead of burning heat, and the temperature can be adjusted. When the temperature of our body rises, the blood vessels expand and the blood circulation increases. This strengthens the natural healing processes in our body, soothes joint pains or. Research shows that if you use a dry sauna for only 10 minutes after a workout, you can greatly speed up the recovery of our body, and much more quickly to lose unwanted weight.

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