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Aquatonic pool

The indoor swimming pool in the spa centre is one of the greatest pleasures you can enjoy while visiting the Pulse spa zones. The pool has a constant temperature of 30 °C and is divided into three temperature zones, equipped with 72 ultra powerful single and bi-rotation jets. With the latest generation of rotating heads, the massage does not concentrate at one point but smoothly envelops the whole body. This technology allows for more efficient tissue massage. The pool features 4 water cannons for the most effective relaxation of muscles in the shoulder area. RGB LED flashlights are located on the walls of the pool, assisting the chromotherapy. 

One of the most iconic features of the aquatonic pool is the counter flow that gives you the feeling of intense water massage. For fans of non-standard feelings, we recommend an underwater geyser with powerful condensed air that will envelop you in thousands of bubbles. 

The warmest temperature zone of the pool is a jacuzzi, which  powerful massage nozzles will embrace you in a pearl wave. Its higher temperature helps for maximum relaxation of the body.

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