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St. Vlas

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Who are we

  • 8 mega clubs in Sofia, 1 mega club in Plovdiv, 1 mega club in St. Vlas
  • 32,000 square meters of fitness areas
  • 20 types of group activities - 510 per week
  • 6500 sq.m. of spa and wellness areas
  • The largest private outdoor swimming pool
  • 7 consecutive 'Fitness of the Year' awards
  • 4 consecutive 'Spa of the Year' awards
  • Premium Fitness Chain Award
  • Pulse Fitness & Spa Mladost with a nomination for the most luxurious fitness club in Eastern Europe
  • One new club to open soon in Sofia

Why Pulse Fitness & Spa? 

Pulse Fitness & Spa is the first ever sports club in Bulgaria, based entirely on the principle of club membership. Pulse customers get unlimited access to our services, anywhere, anytime. 

This includes spacious fitness and spa areas, premium equipment and facilities, the largest variety of group activities in the country, the most qualified coaches and impeccable personal service. All this is delivered in a modern and luxurious interior that does not compromise us with functionality and friendliness. 

Concomitant amenities such as sports and nutrition stores, fitness restaurants, solariums, carwashes and beauty salons save our club members time and effort, providing everything they need for a complete and enjoyable time in care for themselves. 

In addition, our club members have access to a huge number of additional services that are 100% exclusive and carefully prepared by our vast team of healthy lifestyle, nutrition and workout specialists.

If this is not enough for you, your club membership at Pulse Fitness & Spa also offers the opportunity for: 

  • Development of individual training and nutritional regimes

  • Access to a huge variety of group activities

  • Full-bodied rest in luxury spa centres outside of large cities

  • Participation in seminars and trainings

  • Annual club parties with guest DJs and popular artists

  • Sports camps in the mountains and the sea

  • Dozens of kinds of personal preferences and discounts in our partner network

What does every client receive when becoming a club member?

Each new club member of Pulse Fitness & Spa receives an exclusive package of free services for his participation in our mission to increase the sporting activity of the Bulgarians.
The package of free services and bonuses includes:

  • A free workout with a personal coach
  • Permanent preferences and special club rates for accommodation in select clubs for the entire membership period
  • Preferential prices for selected products in the online shop
  • Possibility for repeated freezing for 1 to 5 months, with no frozen period paid by the customer.

Who can become a club member?

We do not divide our clients into physical, gender, age, race or religion. Any adult citizen can become a member of Pulse Fitness & Spa. The condition is only one – to want to be a better version of yourself.

Всеки клубен член заплаща еднократно 50 лв. входна такса при присъединяването си във връзка с всички консумативи, до които има достъп като част от семейството на Pulse Fitness & Spa.

Every club member pays a one-time fee of 50 BGN when joining the club.

What are the conditions for termination of the club membership agreement?

The subscription can be terminated in a period chosen by the club member by prepaying 2 months (1 month for direct debit customers). The club members can still visit the club during the termination notice period. 

It is because of this option that every club member can regulate the duration of  their membership by choosing a period between 3 and 12 months. 

VIP membership - for only additional 9,90 BGN/month

  • Access to Athletic Fitness
  • Unlimited number of visits per day
  • Free visit with a friend up to twice per month
  • Full access to the unique online workout platform Pulse+

VIP membership - for only additional 4,90 BGN/month

  • Unlimited number of visits per day
  • Free visit with a friend up to twice per month
  • Full access to the unique online workout platform Pulse+