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Team Building is a popular practice used by a number of companies to give their employees a good mood and positive energy. Whether a business is successful often times depends on the effectiveness of the team behind it. That is why it is especially important for a worker to be integrated and to communicate well with all team members. 

Pulse Team Building comes to the rescue - it's a different type of team building! 

The service is entirely aimed at companies that want to stimulate their employees by providing them with an unforgettable sports experience. Pulse Team Building includes popular and innovative group classes led by the best trainers of Pulse Fitness & Spa. We offer you and your team two options:

Include us in your team building program 

We can visit you anywhere you choose – in the office, in the park, on the beach, in the gym. You choose the place and the classes, give us the number of participants, and we will provide the necessary accessories and a coach.

Entrust us with the organization of your entire event

You can also entrust us with a complete solution for your team building. We provide an opportunity for this in the incredible Grand Hotel Bansko and Grand Hotel Saint Vlas. If you choose this option, we will take full responsibility for organizing the event.

Whichever of the two options you choose, unforgettable emotions are guaranteed. 

Pulse Team Building not only stimulates the physical activity of your employees, but also gives them a positive energy for many months to come.

Zumba, PBox, folk dance and yoga are just a few of the group workouts we have. All group activities at Pulse Fitness & Spa can be viewed here

Pulse Team Building – turn your crew into a team!

Contact us at or call us on 0700 11 498, 0878 961 932 to receive your individual corporate offer!