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Open your own club with the brand "Pulse"! We provide you with a proven brand, developed business model and know-how, the fruit of years of experience. All this is at your disposal if you take advantage of the offer. We will be with you all the way to the realization of our common project! This is a sure recipe for success!

Which cities is the offer valid for?

Our project is not limited to a certain number of cities. Our only requirement is that at least 20,000 people live in your town/city. We have the exact recipe for success, which we skillfully adapt to the location and the local user profile.

What is the amount of the investment?

The exact amount may vary depending on the city, the location, whether the club has a spa and private parking and a number of other factors. We equip the clubs of the chain with the first-class products of "Active Gym" - a brand whose sole representative for Bulgaria is Pulse. This guarantees an optimal price for the equipment of your future gym. The program is extremely flexible. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our wish is to give you a solution that works!

If I get involved, what is the guarantee that there will be no other Pulse club in my city?

If you are the first to open a Pulse in your city, you can be sure that there will be no other club with this brand before yours reaches its maximum working capacity. When this happens, you will have the advantage when it comes to opening a new site. The growth of a business only makes sense if it has proven itself in a given market, and the most loyal partner is the one we are already working with successfully. Your success is our priority!

How many squares meters should the future club be?

We have business solutions that can be adapted to different types and sizes of premises. That is why we have not fixed a minimum area. Our concern is to offer the best model of work, tailored to the type of space.

Can I rebrand an existing gym?

If you already have a fitness club, then we share a common passion - fitness and wellness as a way of life. You are the right person we would like for our partner. We will combine your knowledge of the local market with our know-how.

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Phone: +359 899 926 600