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Innovative. Ultra-modern. Unique.

Innovative. Ultra-modern. Unique.

Pulse Fitness & Spa are not just gyms, nor ordinary spa. Pulse are the unique lifestyle clubs in our country – places where, together with our club members, we realize our common vision of a meaningful life. What is it? To achieve change, health, personal balance and satisfaction through sport in a convenient and accessible way, saving time and effort, but without compromising the rhythm of the big city. Dynamically and purposefully, not with compulsion or with annoyance, but jointly, with fun and at with own pace.



Our vision is to change the look of the sport in Bulgaria. For us, this is not an activity inherent only for the most devoted, but a part of modern life, for which everyone can find will and strength.

The time spent in Pulse Fitness & Spa is a time spent in caring for yourself. It becomes a way of life because it is fun, useful and meaningful.

The Lifestyle Club is both a stress-relieving home and a home where everyone can find support for their own purposes and dreams. Perhaps they are slimming or toughening, proper eating and meditation, and perhaps just relaxing in the warm pool or talking to a friend in the pause of an intense group workout.

Your choice of development is inviolable. Our role is to do everything we can for you to do it in a light and pleasant way.

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Our mission is not only to be "the best" because we know that even the most successful athletes are sooner or later replaced by others. Our clubs do not aim to be the most crowded, nor do our workouts  the most exhausting.  

Our real purpose is much simpler – to make more and more Bulgarians move actively. The sad statistics show that only 9% of Bulgarians do sport regularly, and the time they spend for active movement is not more than 2 hours a week.

We want to change that namely.

For this purpose, we provide unique for Sofia and Bulgaria range of services – from the full coverage of the Capital city with clubs of  highest class to workouts with the most qualified personal coaches and the largest variety of group activities in the country.

At the same time, we understand that even this may be insufficient for people who have never engaged in sports. Therefore we offer everything you may wish for in your daily routine – spa zones, swimming pools, solariums, specialized fitness restaurants, children's playgrounds, sporting goods and food supplements shops, free seminars and social events.

We believe that the only way to encourage more Bulgarians to work actively is by not depriving them of the everyday conveniences they are used to, but on the contrary, by providing them with the best quality – easy, fast and affordable.



Pulse Fitness & Spa was established in 2012. In the next 6 years, Pulse builds 10 clubs on a total area of ​​32,000 square meters in 4 Bulgarian cities covering area from the Black Sea coast to Pirin. At the end of 2018, the number of active members is 20,000, and over 50,000 people pass through the sites across the country every year.

Pulse Fitness & Spa is the first fitness club in Bulgaria, built entirely on the principle of club membership. Club membership gives full and complete access to all services – specialized cardio, power and spa zones, group activities and training with a personal coach. Along with that, our members enjoy a range of extras outside clubs, such as organized sports camps, customized diet regimes and discounts on Pulse Fitness & Spa's partner network.

Over the years, Pulse has made special efforts to modernize its sites, providing the same premium service, no matter where they are. The devices, areas, cabinets and services in each club are constantly updated so that the experience of a club member is always equal to that of another. Each location, named Pulse Fitness & Spa, is built, equipped and furnished with the latest generation of materials, flooring, appliances and accessories that meet the most stringent industry standards worldwide. Every innovation in the field of fitness and healthy life in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and the United Arab Emirates is being implemented in our clubs in time. Large part h of these innovations still have no analogue in the country, and some are even similar to such from fitness clubs in other developed countries around the world.

Opinions for Pulse Fitness

Ways of living are becoming more numerous, but our lifestyle clubs do not make a difference.
In Pulse Fitness everyone is what they want to be. The condition is only one – the desire to be the better version of yourself.

Most Pulse Fitness members are between 28 and 40 and what connects them is that most of them have never crossed the threshold of a fitness club before joining us. The ratio between women and men is 60:40 in favour of the women.

Most Pulse Fitness members are between 28 and 40 and what connects them is that most of them have never crossed the threshold of a fitness club before joining us. The ratio between women and men is 60:40 in favour of the women.

The vast majority of Pulse members share our view of the need for more movement in Bulgaria (86%). They are our true ambassadors, and their enthusiasm and energy – the daily driver of this cause.

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