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Miha Bodytec

Miha Bodytec

Myha Bodytec is a German innovation developed in 2007. The device uses electromotive stimulation to reinforce the effect of classical workout by "attacking" muscles with electronic pulses. The impulses enter the body through 10 pairs of electrodes in special training clothes. Thus they act both superficially on the skin, smoothing imperfections, and deeper into the muscles of the body, tightening and shaping them. 

30 minutes spent with Miha Bodytec equals 180 minutes of traditional workout. At the same time, 90% of the muscles in the body are affected, generating 36 muscle contractions within the activity. During a session with Miha Bodytec, the body can burn up to 500 calories on average, and up to 3 days after the workout, more calories continue to be burnt, even in the absence of physical activity. 

Special training clothing is made of breathable antibacterial material that guarantees hygiene and physical comfort during workout. 

The high efficiency of the time / results ratio makes this innovation extremely useful for people who have limited time for workouts.