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Kinesis One

Kinesis One

Kinesis One is a last-generation modular multi-mode simulator. The device allows the trainer to perform a tremendous set of exercises for each group of muscles in the body without limiting the trajectory and the amplitude of movement. 

The device consists of two bands attached to 4 hooks. Exercises are performed by stretching and pulling the bands using an ergonomic handle. The tremendous elasticity of the bands allows for up to 200 different exercises to improve strength, durability and flexibility.

The design of the device allows the practitioner to effortlessly load the maximum number of muscle groups in the upper and lower body, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced. It is also suitable for rehabilitation and use by people with limited mobility. 

Kinesis One is a digital device that displays real-time workout data. A touchscreen displays information about basic exercises, thus maintaining the rhythm of the workout and giving the practitioner more autonomy.