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Fit3D ProScanner

Fit3D ProScanner

Fit3D ProScanner is a digital body data analysis system. The device is a scanner with innovative technology for extracting and sorting data about the body's condition, making it suitable for both advanced and beginner fitness enthusiasts. It is known in over 40 countries where it is mostly used by fitness clubs, health and rehabilitation centres. 

The practitioner gets on the device and for about 30 seconds it makes a scanned "picture" of his/her body. The scanner extracts reference values ​​with guaranteed accuracy, including weight, % fat, % bone density, % skin hydration, circumference of different body parts, and other useful figures. Within 5 to 10 minutes, the diagnostician in turn receives at his/her email address a detailed report from the initial scan that contains body measurements and its personal profile (3D avatar). 

The personal profile can be updated with subsequent uses of the device, thus allowing the trainer to track his/her progress in addressing overweight and improving general health status. 

Last but not least, data is used by personal instructors and nutritionists to create profiled training and nutrition regimes.