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Active Gym Curve Treadmill

Active Gym Curve Treadmill

The curved Active Gym treadmill is the most personalized cardio device you can imagine. Unlike the classic treadmills that trigger the powertrain via electricity, the Active Gym Curve Treadmill works entirely on the principle of mechanical drive. The faster you run, the faster the belt moves.

This means that you can run at your own pace without overworking and without compliance pre-defined settings.

High-intensity workout on the mechanical treadmill is an ideal way to improve physical shape, burn calories and melt excess fat. Due to its curved shape and kinetic energy drive, Curve Treadmill trains nerve-muscle coordination, improving overall balance and body accuracy. The procedures include a full set of basic movements that are increasingly complex for sustained performance improvement in everyday use.

The Curve Treadmill exercises can be performed both individually and in groups, making them highly adaptable to any training regime.