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Pulse Health Center

The Pulse Health Center is a specialized clinical center dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. The last generation clinic provides services in three main directions: detox, anti-stress and weight loss. Here you can find the most innovative technologies in the field of healthy living worldwide, as well as the best experts in dietetics, healthy nutrition and holistic. Enjoy accurate diagnostics, effective therapies and balanced treatment of the highest class with our specially developed programs for people who appreciate their time. Regardless of how many days you are staying here, the result will always be a total recharge with energy and the acquisition of healthy habits to change your life.


Situated on the shores of the cult resort of Sveti Vlas, the Pulse Health Center is part of the elite Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas and its adjacent Pulse Spa SVETI VLAS. Due to this extraordinary compactness, Pulse club members can enjoy the best of the chain – 5-star service, the best fitness and spa areas in the country and a clinical center that will revitalize your body and mind.


Find out more about the Pulse Health Center on the official website of the clinic.