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One club - so many possibilities!

My Zone fitness tracker

My Zone is an extremely innovative accessory that monitors all the activity of a person during a workout and provides real-time information to the user

Pulse Food

Pulse Food - delicious and healthy food that helps you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself

Pulse Revolution VIP zone

The Pulse Revolution area is a modern and spacious, specially designated, VIP area for customers who have purchased a Pulse Revolution package

Marina Spa - massage studios

Marina Spa - massage studios in Sofia, Bulgaria - a great variaty of services to make you feel perfect in your own skin

Dietetic cabinet

Dietetic cabinets in the Pulse clubs provide the exclusive opportunity for development a customized diet


Especially when you start to shape the muscles on your body, there is nothing to emphasize them better than a healthy chocolate tan

Protein and fresh bar

Pulse's protein and fresh bars offer a huge variety of healthy / organic foods and beverages.

Food additives shop

Everyone knows that eating is even more important than training in our drive to the perfect body.

Fit3D ProScanner

Fit3D ProScanner - The practitioner gets on the device and for about 30 seconds it makes a scanned "picture" of his/her body

Car wash

Use the time you train or relax in the Pulse clubs to give the cleanliness and shine of your favourite vehicle.


Club members of Pulse have the ability to park their cars free of charge on huge parking areas in every single object in the chain