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Box Station Active Gym

Box Station Active Gym is a multi-functional boxing simulator for strong, accurate and fast punching exercises that is used for individual classes by both beginner athletes and professionals of all ages.

Conveniently located pillows at the Active Gym Boxing Station help make various shocks. Thanks to the unique shock absorption system, the risk of trauma is reduced. A distinctive feature of the appliance is its unusual design, which allows for increased efficiency and productivity of the workout. The station's workpieces are located in different panels, simulating the position of the opponent. This is the major difference between this and other simulators. 

The training system is structured as follows: 5 minutes of warm-up, followed by 7 active rounds of a total duration of 30 minutes. Each round is divided into 90 seconds of punches and 90 seconds of active recovery. Active recovery means squats, press exercises, running in one place, etc.