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One club - so many possibilities!

My Zone fitness tracker

My Zone is an extremely innovative accessory that monitors all the activity of a person during a workout and provides real-time information to the user

Nutritional Plans

Contact us at 0882111100 and request a Pulse Nutritional Plan today. Every calorie counts!

Pulse Food

Pulse Food - delicious and healthy food that helps you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself

Pulse Revolution VIP zone

The Pulse Revolution area is a modern and spacious, specially designated, VIP area for customers who have purchased a Pulse Revolution package

Online training Pulse+

Pulse+ online training; live workouts, hundreds of pre recorded video, access from all around the world!

Club Hotels

Our club hotels: Grand Hotel Therme, Grand Hotel Bansko, Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas, Emirates Residence

Marina Spa - massage studios

Marina Spa - massage studios in Sofia, Bulgaria - a great variaty of services to make you feel perfect in your own skin

Team building

Fitness Teambuilding – a unique experience

Beauty Center

A great opportunity for both customers and external visitors is the Beauty Center

Pulse Health Center

The Pulse Health Center is a specialized clinical center dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Kinesitherapy office

If you have spine distortion or need postoperative care, you can trust our physiotherapists

Dietetic cabinet

Dietetic cabinets in the Pulse clubs provide the exclusive opportunity for development a customized diet


Especially when you start to shape the muscles on your body, there is nothing to emphasize them better than a healthy chocolate tan

Outdoor Cross Training Zone 

Pulse's Cross Training Outdoor Zone features a full range of sporting attributes required for carrying

Athletic treadmill

Pulse's outdoor athletic trail provides an opportunity to train the endurance and sports skills

Pulse Premium Beach Club

At your disposal is a huge outdoor area with a large swimming pool with different depths, sandy terraces with romantic sea views

Protein and fresh bar

Pulse's protein and fresh bars offer a huge variety of healthy / organic foods and beverages.


For connoisseurs of healthy food, Pulse provides the opportunity to achieve true gourmet nirvana

Food additives shop

Everyone knows that eating is even more important than training in our drive to the perfect body.

Fit3D ProScanner

Fit3D ProScanner - The practitioner gets on the device and for about 30 seconds it makes a scanned "picture" of his/her body

Car wash

Use the time you train or relax in the Pulse clubs to give the cleanliness and shine of your favourite vehicle.


Club members of Pulse have the ability to park their cars free of charge on huge parking areas in every single object in the chain