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Pilates is a gymnastic program combining elements of calanetics, ballet and yoga. The exercises are performed on the ground on a mat, on the background of relaxing music. Additional equipment includes various devices such as balls, bands, springs, hoops and dumbbells. They serve to disturb the equilibrium and cause the muscles responsible for stabilizing the body to be shortened, increasing flexibility and endurance. Unlike most group activities, each exercise has three levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced, and expert) and is performed only once within a certain number of iterations instead of series.


All movements are performed smoothly and slowly and overflowing one another. The goal of this group exercise, besides stretching and making muscles more flexible, is to achieve natural body grace and to put emphasis on breathing and concentration on thoughts.


  • Duration of workout 45-60 MIN.
  • Load level LOW
  • Suitable for BEGINNERS
  • Calories burnt for one workout 390