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Kangoo Jumps is a funny and no less intense aerobic program. It is carried out with the help of special spring shoes that provide a huge amount of freedom and the amplitude of motion both on the ground and in the air. Despite its strange design, the shoes have a lightening and relieving effect on the joints, reducing the shock impact on the ankles, knees, shins, hips, lower back and spine by up to 80%. This leads to improvements in the muscles of the lower body, abdomen and back. 

Exercises are incredibly easy to perform, and classes are run by certified instructors who mostly monitor to see if participants are having fun while jumping against the background of vivid club rhythms. Kangoo Jumps is one of the most affordable cardio programs and, at the same time, an extremely effective way to address overweight, regardless of weight and age.

If you're looking for Kangoo Jumps in Sofia, Plovdiv or Burgas, Pulse is the place for you!

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Kangoo Jumps
  • Duration of workout 30-60 MIN.
  • Load level LOW
  • Suitable for BEGINNERS
  • Calories burnt for one workout 580