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Group folk dances are the result of the wishes of our club members. Pulse Fitness & Spa has created this cardio program to preserve and honour the Bulgarian traditions, giving them a modern and functional look suitable for our dynamic times.

Dance classes begin with warm-up of the whole body. Choreography is extremely intense, making this type of program impossible without the proper preparation of all muscle groups. The participants then proceed to a practical study of the most popular Bulgarian folk-dances. This includes the individual steps, movements and series. When the group is sufficiently familiar with them, it goes to the execution of pre-defined combinations, which are finally executed in the form of a completed composition.

The practice resembles interval training due to the alternation of fast and slow rhythms and short cycle exercises. Folk dances improve blood circulation and lymphatic system. They increase endurance and flexibility of the entire body.

If you're looking for folklore dancing in Sofia, Plovdiv or Burgas, Pulse is the place for you!

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Group folk dances
  • Duration of workout 45-50 MIN.
  • Load level AVERAGE
  • Calories burnt for one workout 620