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Crossfit is the perfect combination of training programs. Participants in this group exercise perform exercises specific to athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting and even water sports at the same time, within one session. Techniques are extremely varied. These include squats, lunges, jogging, jumps and arcs, pushups and crunches. Typically, exercises are performed by means of devices to further increase the load on all muscle groups. Kettlebells, medical balls, dumbbells, rods, picking levers, paraphernalia, steppe platforms – these sporty accessories are an integral part of the Crossfit workout. In this way, trainees improve their overall physical shape. 

The workouts are highly intense, most often without breaks, thus training also the psychic endurance of the participants. Crossfit improves the condition of the body and develops skills in 10 spheres – cardiovascular, breathing and strength endurance, strength, flexibility, explosiveness, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision.

  • Duration of workout 45-60 MIN.
  • Load level HIGH
  • Suitable for ADVANCED
  • Calories burnt for one workout 800