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Strength aerobics and anaerobic workouts in various combinations will captivate you! The Cross Functional Bootcamp program is designed for those seeking new training challenges. Due to the huge variety of exercises, it is constantly updated to offer new exciting challenges. Cross Functional Bootcamp is ideal for overall improvement of physical condition and body functionality, developing agility, flexibility, and toning.

This innovative program combines various types of workouts, including functional training, high-intensity interval training, and many others, to provide maximum variety and stimulation of all aspects of physical fitness. Each training day in Cross Functional Bootcamp is unique and challenging, offering combinations of exercises that require not only physical endurance but also mental engagement and strategic thinking.

By incorporating elements from various training methodologies, Cross Functional Bootcamp not only improves physical fitness but also develops your overall ability to adapt to different training situations. This is the perfect program for those seeking intense and varied workouts that offer continuous challenge and opportunities for progress in all aspects of physical fitness.

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Cross Functional Bootcamp
  • Duration of workout 50-60 MIN.
  • Load level AVERAGE
  • Calories burnt for one workout 700