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Get perfectly sculpted abdominal muscles and legs with the ABSolutely Perfect LEGS program! This comprehensive training program is specially designed to help you achieve the ideal shape and tone in the abdominal and leg areas. Including a variety of exercises targeting every muscle in these areas, this program is a combination of effective and innovative methods that will help you achieve visible and lasting results.

ABSolutely Perfect LEGS is not just a training program - it's an intensive and targeted approach to body shaping. The 20-minute leg workout is specially designed to improve the strength, endurance, and shape of the lower body. By discovering various leg exercises that are suitable for your goals and fitness level, you will achieve balanced development and symmetry in the body.

On the other hand, the 20-minute ab workout includes dynamic and isolating exercises that target the abdominal muscles. This part of the program is designed to strengthen and sculpt the abs while providing exceptional results for toning and improving overall appearance.

The results of the ABSolutely Perfect LEGS program are guaranteed, and consistent execution of the exercises will lead you to the desired shape and tone in the abdominal and leg areas.

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ABSolutely Perfect Legs
  • Duration of workout 45-50 MIN.
  • Load level AVERAGE
  • Calories burnt for one workout 400